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Guanacaste tours and attractions

Are you planning on going on vacation and are on the fence about where you should go? Below are reasons why Costa Rica is the best unique destination for you and the excellent Guanacaste tours and attractions you get to enjoy with Brokers Costa Rica.

Why is Costa Rica a unique destination?

There are various aspects of Costa Rica that make it unique. Although it only covers 0.1% of the landmass in the world, Costa Rica is 5% biodiverse, making it the country with the most magnificent species density in the world. National reserves and parks occupy over 25% of the country, with more than 800 bird species and 500,000 bird species.

We have two different seasons, one long dry season and one wet season. The dry season, called Verano, runs from December to May with temperatures varying between 60F and 95F depending on where you are. During this time the country receives very little rainfall except for the highland and Caribbean areas. The lowlands rarely see rain during this period.

The wet season, called Invierno, runs from May to November with humidity being very high. Temperature drops and rainfall increases significantly.  

Things to do in Guanacaste

When it comes to outdoor activities, every activity is available at Guanacaste. There are various stretches of beaches available with a wealth of coastal exploration and water sports activities you can explore while you are here. There is also a wide array of national parks and waterfalls which you’ll get to explore. These include the Arenal Volcano and its incredible natural hot springs among many more attractions.

In Guanacaste, you will find some of the most challenging and breathtaking golf courses in the country. You can go zip lining through the forest canopy, take walks and enjoy horseback along the beach, enjoy an array of marine activities such as fishing, snorkeling, surfing excursions, etc. Are you a tennis enthusiast? We have a fantastic tennis program at our golf course managed by the renowned Peter Burwash International.

Do I need to be fluent in Spanish?

No, you do not. Although Spanish is the official language of the country, English is also widely spoken and taught in schools. Many people have even adopted it as their second language. You’ll be hard-pressed to find somewhere where no one understands English, even in the villages!

In destinations like Guanacaste, you will not need to know Spanish because this is a popular tourist destination, and many locals speak English fluently to communicate with the tourists. Since we rely so much on tourism, most locals have seen the value of learning English since it is a universal language spoken by most tourists. You will notice this when you go to any shop or bar, yoga retreat or surf camp during your Guanacaste tours and attractions exploration. 

With all the above, your vacation in Costa Rica will not only be an exciting one but a busy one as well, with a host of activities to get into. With Brokers Costa Rica, you get the best of tours and travel tours and attractions.            

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