Let Locals Realty help you find your dream home!  Whether you are looking to purchase a home for yourself and your family to use, or searching for a vacation rental, let us use our expertise to match you with the best real estate our area offers.  We pair our knowledge in the vacation rental business with our sister company Siestakey.com, and many years of sales experience to make sure you are well-educated to make the right decisions on the right home.

Our focus is the community, which is essential to our buyers and sellers because our deep connections open up more opportunities for our clients to find the real estate of their dreams.  Our global reach allows our sellers to acquire buyers from virtually anywhere, and our partnership with Siestakey.com opens up significant investment opportunities for our clients.  Give us a call so we can learn more about your real estate goals.

Phone: 941-404-8438  or Email: sales@localsrealtygroup.com

Jessica Adair, Managing Broker

Locals Realty Group
Phone: 941-345-0178

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