The importance of locking your car door.

Aug 19, 2011 | No Responses

During the early morning hours of Tuesday morning, August 16th, a group of young men from Sarasota descended on Treasure Boat Way in Siesta Key with a focus of breaking into a few cars.  There were 15 car burglaries that early morning and, according to the Sheriff’s office, most of the cars were unlocked.  This is a problem not only for those who were unfortunate enough to have their cars broken into but also for the neighborhood.

There are 3 main reasons why residents should always lock their car doors:

1) Loss of valuables is the most obvious reason to lock your door.  Thieves look for GPS, cell phone, money and other valuables.  It is not pleasant to wake up in the morning to find your items missing

2) Possible entry to your home.  If you leave your doors unlocked with a set of house keys or garage door opener, it will be easy for the thieves to enter your home.  If you are home that can put your life in danger.  Some visitors leave their cars unlocked while they visit Siesta Village or our Beach.  If you leave your GPS in your car with a garage door opener and don’t live too far, then thieves can drive over to your home and steal while you are away.

3) Do it for the neighborhood.  If we tend to keep our cars unlocked, the word will get around.  The news that most cars on Treasure Boat Way were unlocked is not only being spread within our community but also within criminal groups.  We may be considered an easy target.  If we keep our cars locked, it is the same as if we put out one of those security firm signs; it provides a warning that it is not so easy to steal from this neighborhood.

Most car burglaries on Siesta Key seem to be crimes of opportunity since doors tend to be unlocked.  We need to make sure we deter crime by locking our car doors and setting up security alarms.  Do it not only for yourself and your family but also for the neighborhood.

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